The story of the Marzullo family’s activity begins with Francesco Marzullo, who began his career as a young boy as an apprentice in a local workshop, rewinding direct current and alternating electric motors.

1958 – The first company, LIM, is founded

Decades of work experience combined with the appetising development of the Apulian electromechanical market led Francesco’s sons, Carlo and Vito Marzullo, to found their first company,  LIM – Laboratorio Indotti Marzullo, which was a small workshop initially specialised in the repair of car dynamo inducements and starters.

1975 – The electrical services company, SIEMEC, is founded

Evolution of the market caused the three brothers to close the LIM workshop to start up a bigger company, currently known as SIEMEC, specialising in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electrical, civil and industrial systems, as well as in light carpentry works, according to customer specifications.

1982 – CMT, Costruzione Meccanica Torneria, is founded

The desire to grow and diversify the business convinced the Marzullo brothers to found CMT which, operating in the field of mechanics, began its activity to address the needs of SIEMEC’s own customers.

To carry out this work, initially, second hand or even disused machinery by customers such as FIAT was employed.

In a year of significant change, 1990 saw the purchase of its first new mechanical multi-spindle turning machine, along with the recruitment of nine new employees who became part of the company’s organisation. Besides this, its customer portfolio expanded much to include companies such as Magneti Marelli, Federal Mogul, AP Productive and SKF.

2015 – II Generation

In 2015, Francesco Marzullo (grandson) took over the company, acquiring 100% its shares. Thus, CMT became a single-member limited company. New ownership, new ideas, new projects.

The company has since grown and diversified not only in the products it makes, but above all, in its customer portfolio and outlet markets. Nowadays, CMT srl can be considered as a small globalised company.

2022 – Investments

Industry 4.0, new technologies, environmental and occupational safety certifications.

With such, CMT srl puts itself forward as a qualified partner to serve its customers anywhere in the world.


Francesco Marzullo – CMT Costruzioni Meccaniche Torneria

Francesco Marzullo

Directing Owner
Stefania Marzullo – CMT Costruzioni Meccaniche Torneria

Stefania Marzullo

Logistics & Admin Management
Raffaele Di Martino – CMT Costruzioni Meccaniche Torneria

Raffaele Di Martino

Head of Quality Control
Michele Cassano – CMT Costruzioni Meccaniche Torneria

Michele Cassano

Head of Production


Deposits - Costruzione meccanica Torneria
Withdrawals - Costruzione Meccanica Torneria

The EBA is an imaginary current account where transactions are not made with money, but with emotions and behaviour.

Deposits and withdrawals refer to the amount of trust gained or lost that a person and/or organization can feel towards another.

The Emotional Current Account regards all stakeholders.

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