Goals and values


We produce mechanical parts in big, medium and small series. Our “MUST” is the continuous improvement of business processes in order to meet and satisfy clients' requirements in terms of quality, price and service.


Our main goal is to develop and diversify our company in national and international market through competence, managerial skills and use of technology.


Our values are honesty, directness and respect for our clients in every phase of our business, both in business and management's decisions. We deal with different interlocutors which have different interests in relation to our business. Their opinions and actions influence the development of our business. For this reason, it is important for us the creation of a positive environment based on directness and cooperation.


Human resources represent the most competitive advantage for companies. The staff's participation and promotion could be essential to meet the challenges of the world and to reach excellent results which depends on a good management of resources. Therefore, we employ passionate and experienced people that fitting with a young and dynamic environment.


Customers are at the centre of our policy to improve processes and products. We operate constantly to reinforce partnership with customers, to improve business performances and to create new business chances. Our choices are strictly connected to customer satisfaction and our approach "right first time" encourages us to anticipate needs and requirements of who put their trust in our business.


We act responsibly and as good customers sharing our goals within a logic of partnership. The selection of our suppliers is influenced by our general and quality values:

  • vendor rating;
  • certifications’ check;
  • financial strength analysis;
  • monitoring price level.



We operate following “Value Based Management” philosophy in order to optimize the value for shareholders and to increase gains. As a matter of fact, we use a transparency policy which is the basis of our relationships.

Goals and values


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